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Let us bring in our lighting specialist to provide you with a complete lighting audit. Not only will this give you all your options to increase the light levels throughout your office & warehouse to a very comfortable level, but save you potentially tens of thousands of dollars in energy savings per year.

We offer 3rd party financing which will incorporate government rebates if any, leave your current hydro bill the same as it is today to effortlessly pay the cost of the retrofit. The immediate savings in your hydro bill is worked into paying the financing term very comfortably. You & your staff will enjoy the immediate look & light levels of new LED or fluorescent lighting throughout your space. Your Health & Safety committee will welcome your decision!

Once the financing is paid, which can be as aggressive as a one year term in some cases, you will then also benefit from your hydro bill dramatically dropping in cost. With the cost of hydro only going in one direction, this is a great & easy solution. Please contact us to discuss your options and questions.


ZSD Electric Inc. is a full-service firm. Every new project is a fresh start to a new challenge. We have the experience and know-how to solve each puzzle the project may throw at us and gives us a chance to craft a solution and pleasantly delight a client.


ZSD Electric Inc.’s vision is to lead the industry in Government & Private Sectors, specializing in Construction Management. With a dedicated focus on recruiting, training, career development and retention of our employees, we strive to exceed all of our client’s expectations. We are committed to safety, diversity, leadership, innovation and doing what is right.


ZSD ELECTRIC Inc., is committed to meet and exceed customer expectations by providing superior specialty electrical contracting services and creating mutually rewarding relationships in a safe, inspiring and open environment.
We take pride in being a company that grows through success and client referrals. We see the partnerships with our clients as investing in our future. To maintain the full and continued satisfaction of our clients, we deliver on our promises, provide quality customer service and advice, guaranteed safe, consistent, economical, environmentally-sustainable electrical solutions.

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